Protect Your Home with Security Glass

A house is not only a reside replace ,It is also a haven that one turns to at night in peace. We all want to do our best to ensure that our loved house and people are safe.Using security glass in your home. is very good and smart measurement to improve your home security,Why?

What is Security Glass and how is it Made?

Protect Your Home with Security Glass

Security Glass, also known as toughened or heat-strengthened glass ,laminated glass is also typical safety glass.It is a special modern, and innovative glass specifically designed for safety and security purposes. Security glass is  3-5 times more durable and stronger than normal float or annealed glass ,it can handle tremendous external pressure  and once broken ,it will shatter to pieces and avoid injury,that’s the main reason security glass qualifies “security” glass.  Normal float glass will shatter into dagger-like pieces that pose a serious threat to people.

So, how is security glass manufactured?

Process of toughened glass which involves alternative rapid cooling and heating of float glass,heating the float glass to 670-710 degree and cooling it rapidly with wind.

The advantages of Security Glass

Provides Safety and Security

The tempered glass is 3-5 times tougher than the float glass and can be used for safety and security purposes. Even if the glass broken, it will break into cube-like pieces incapable of causing any serious injuries.

Flexibility and Versatility

Glass is highly customisable and can be used in a variety of different areas depending on your unique requirements. You can use frosted security glass for better privacy or even colour-tinted frosted security glass to fulfil both your privacy needs.

Thermal Resistance

compared to normal annealed glass,tempered glass is also three times more resistant to thermal stress . It can easily resist temperature changes of up to 200°C as and annealed glass can only resist up to 100°C.

Protect Your Home with Security Glass

The Many Applications of Security Glass for Your Home

Windows and Doors

The windows and doors protect you and your family and hence need to be strong and durable and precent burglar and thief. The strength and durability of heat-strengthened glass and tempered glass cannot be easily broken making your home burglar-resistant.

Glass Staircases

When it comes to staircase railings, ramps, which need to support body weight consistently! The security glass’ strength and impact-resistance comes to advantage. Using security glass for your house stairs and railings will not only be a secure option but will also render a lighter and more aesthetically pleasing look to your living space.

Home Furniture

Security glass can be used in table tops, kitchen cabinets, and other home furniture for rendering safety, especially when children are involved. the glass is also scratch and damage resistant, it can remain fresh-looking for longer periods without tedious maintenance.

Bathrooms or shower doors

Since bathrooms are generally wet areas highly prone to slip and fall mishaps, it is always safer to use security glass instead of normal annealed glass as it breaks into blunt pebble-like pieces that will not lead to injury.

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