projects that require laminated safety glass

projects that require laminated safety glass

When it comes to safety glass, architects and designers will tend specify two different options: toughened glass(tempered glass) and laminated safety glass.
Of course, wired glass is also a kind of safety glass because of its enhanced fire rating performance, but this glass product has become less popular recent years as more new and advanced products have being popular in the market.
These safety glass products are all well known for offering tried and tested protection and they all have their individual advantages to safety.
Toughened glass strength is 4-5 stronger than float glass. It is also thermally stronger, and when broken, will shatter in its entirety into small and relatively harmless fragments. but, once a sheet of glass has been toughened, or tempering process, it cannot be cut orperforated again.

projects that require laminated safety glass
Laminated safety glass contains a plastic inner layer, which firmly bond the two outer pieces of glass once glass is broken.
Toughened glass is often specified before specifiing laminated glass because of cheaper price. However, there are several kinds of projects where laminated glass should be the preferred option.

Shop fronts and external glass doors
For commercial applications, such as shops fronts or offices, which will not be used at night ,it’s a good idea to use laminated glass for any external windows or doors.

Laminated glass will ensure that the glass will remain anchored in the glazing system and your building will remain safe until the glass can be replaced.

Overhead glazing
Safety glass must be used for all overhead glazing, which includes all overhead projects such as skylights, glass canopies and ceilings, glass balustrades, glass facades and glass spandrels.
Any overhead glazing higher than 13m above the ground must be laminated glass because, should overhead toughened glass shatter for any reason, the resultant small fragments falling from 13m or higher places can cause serious injury to anyone unlucky enough to be standing underneath.

projects that require laminated safety glass

Glass floors
Glass floors is also some overhead projects,it will always be constructed of laminated glass. The glass will also be either toughened or heat strengthened.
Heat strengthened glass is not safety glass, but is twice stronger than annealed glass. once it’s broken, it is both cheaper to replace than fully tempered glass and the glass won’t shatter into fragments,the larger glass will hold in their frame better than toughened glass.

LCD glass partitions
LCD glass partitions are a specialist partition formed in a laminated glass that includes an opaque LCD film sandwiched between at least two plastic laminate inner layers.
This film can be electrically operated by uniformly distributed transformers, which when switched on will turn the layer transparent. You can find out more about this specialist glass here.

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