• 24M Ultra long Aluminium Folding Door -24 SASHES

    Morn is proud to announce that we have finished an ultra long aluminium folding door project with 24 Meters long: 6063-T5 thermal break aluminium profile,,matt finish black color powder coated. 12+12 sashes,overall size: 23960*3025mm. 8mm clear tempered glass,glass size:2867*863mm *24pcs,weight around 1200kgs. Click here to check the drawings:Aluminium folding door-24 sashes drawing. Before undertaking this project,clients has asked another aluminium windows factory to produce this folding door,but after installation ,project owners found it need 3-4 people to fold the door….

  • Glass Processing-DAYCO PROJECT

    Dayco project is our newest point supported glass facade ,with 12mm clear tempered glass panel and 19mm clear tempered glass fin. Let’s see the glass effect: 1.19mm tempered glass fin-polished edge, the irregular shape glass brings difficulty to the polishing process,but no problem for us,check the shining polished edge. 2.19mm tempered glass fin- Drilling holes The holes is near the glass edge,so we use notches to avoid partial stress concentration. 3.Tempered glass fin- Round corners +notches,perfect work Morn is your…


    Morn focus on greenhouse glass,facade double glazing glass,strive to be your turnkey architectural glass supplier.We’re pleased to announce that below project has been awarded by Morn,this is a good start for Morn. 1.Project Name:Glass Greenhouse Location:Canada Glass Type:4mm Clear tempered glass Quantity: 13000sqm. 2.Project Name:CORE5CIEN Glass facade Location:Mexico Glass Type:6C FT+1.52PVB+6 MWDE76 FT +12A+6C FT Quantity: 22000sqm.  


    Project Name:EPCO WORLDBEX Project Type:Point Support Glass House Location:Philippines Glass Type: 12mm Clear tempered 12+2.28+12mm Clear tempered


    Project Name:HIGH SCHOOL GREENHOUSE Project Type:Glass Greenhouse Location:Canada Glass Type: 6 MSE0185 low e Tempered +12A+6 Clear float tempered

  • KIA STORE-Point support Glass Facade

    Project Name:KIA-Ensenada Project Type:Point fixed/Point support glass facade Location:Mexico Glass Type: 12mm low iron tempered glass 19mm low iron tempered glass

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