• Glass Performance-High transmittance double silver low e

    Here we gathered the double silver low e glass performance data(6-12-6 double glazed units) from world famous glass manufacturers. The manufacturers include Guardian,PPG,Cardinal,Pilkington,Interpane,SSG,CSG,XYG,SYP and TG glass. No. Glass option Visible Light Solar Energy U value(W/2.K) SC SHGC LT % Ref % In % Tsol % Rsol % Summer Winter 1 Morn MWDE176+Clear 68 11 12 39 27 1.58 1.64 0.45 0.39 2 Guardian SN68 68 11 12 33 33 1.6 1.65 0.44 0.38 3 PPG Solarban 60 +Clear 70 11…

  • MWDE58 VS Solarban 60-Double silver low e glass performance data

    Morn building materials,our factory is equipped with the most advanced low-E coating machine. Recently we have developed our most advanced double silver low-E coating:MWDE76 ,with high light transmittance and relatively low solar coefficient and SHGC. Below is glass performance data comparison with PPG Solarban 60. If you want high performance double silver low e insulated glass(double glazed units),why not try a cheaper glass supplier option from Morn? Glass option Thick Visible Light Solar Energy U value(W/2.K) SC SHGC (mm) LT…

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