Performance Enhancement

Architectural glass especially insulated glass performance can be enhanced through applying high performance low e coating,warm edge spacer,filling argon.

Architectural glass high performance low e Coating

Whether monolithic or laminated and insulated glass,high technology coatings can always be applied to increase the performance,especially U value,SC value.

Morn has reflective coating,single silver low-E coating,double silver coating and high performance triple silver low e coating,hard coated(energy advantage,Planibel G,Sunergy,SY-48 low e options.

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Hard coated low e VS soft coated low-e

Low-e coated tinted glass:advantage&disadvantage

Thermal insulation function of low e coating

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The defects of coated glass and solution

Difference between single silver low e,double silver low e and triple silver low e

Low e coating position:Surface #2 VS Surface #3

Low-E coating line-high performance low e
Low-E coating line



Insulating glass units are constructed with a dual seal configuration where polyisobutylene (PIB) is the primary seal and structural silicone is the secondary seal.

PIB is the primary seal of the insulating glass unit preventing moisture vapor transmission into the unit’s sealed space.

The silicone secondary seal acts as the adhesive that holds the unit together in both conventional and structurally glazed systems. All Morn IGU use structural silicon secondary sealant to guarantee structural glazing.

MORN Glass Roof skylight-architectural glass

Argon is an invisible, non-toxic gas with lower thermal conductivity than air. It can be used in place of air within an insulating unit to improve thermal performance (u-value).


Morn promise all supplied argon filled IGU containing no less than 85% argon.


♦ Aluminium spacer: Mill finished and black painted aluminium spacer are available for your orders.
♦ Stainless steel Spacer: Thermal transfer is only 10% of traditional aluminium spacer.
♦ Warm edge spacer: No metal contained,decrease windows U value by 0.2-0.4W/m2·K.

Insulated glass can be made double insulating glass or triple glazing to achieve better thermal insulation performance and sound control(acoustic) effect.

MORN Passive Triple galzing-architectural glass
MORN Superspacer warm edge-architectural glass

Capillary Breather Tubes
The use of capillary tubes is required for View Dynamic insulating glass units
that will be shipped to elevations 2,500 feet or higher and will be installed at high altitudes. The capillary tube is a small tube (approx. 12” long) inserted into the IGU to relieve pressure that can occur between the panes when at high altitudes.

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Capillary tube-architectural glass

Extend:The application of capillary tube in insulated glass

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