PDLC smart glass supply-Morn

PDLC smart glass supply-Morn

Smart glass,or switchable glass is widely used in indoor conference room,shower rooms,office privacy protection and many other projects,it’s now a very popular new glass that can protect privacy and create secret environment.PDLC smart glass supply-Morn

Smart glass can be classified into 3 types: electrochromic smart glass, thermochromic smart glass and photochromic smart glass.
Electrochromic smart glass is most widely used now with several different types:
a.PDLC type, The transparent and translucent conversion is realized by controlling the liquid crystal molecules morphology.
b.ITO coating, there’s ITO coating which is special conductive layer on glass surface.the switch is caused by changing voltage or current conversion.
Switchable PDLC glass can switch from transparent to translucent within 1 second,, while other electrochromic smart glass will take about 1-3 minutes, which is not favor to efficient work,beside that,lower costs,easy production and installation,Because of the special product structure of PDLC, it can realize clear imaging,this advantage enable PDLC smart glass to be used in shop windows, conference rooms, stage sets, etc.;so PDLC smart glass is the most popular and efficient glass types now.

PDLC smart glass is usually laminated glass ,It will laminate the PDLC film,PVB and glass to enhance the glass safety and PDLC film.

PDLC smart glass supply-Morn
Other types electrochromic smart glass, thermochromic smart glass and photochromic smart glass are suitable for exterior application,such as windows, roof, curtain wall,skylights etc.
Morn is your turnkey switchable glass supplier,we manufacturer PDLC smart glass to protect your privacy.

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