New glass racks to prevent IGU Overlap

New glass racks to prevent IGU Overlap

DGU(double insulated glass) shall be placed in glass racks after sealing with secondary sealant for solidifying (2-4 hours).

But the racks has about 6°- 7°inclination angles to make sure that glass don’t fall down,but if glass panels are big and heavy?

For the inclination angle reason, the out piece of DGU will fall because of gravity,thus will cause 1-2mm overlap between DGU outer and inner piece.

IGU will deform on racks
IGU will deform on traditional racks


To ensure the same horizontal flatness and control overlap,some glass fabricator use below racks to store DGU.

The rack bottom is flat,DGU will be separated with steel bars.

Glass rack
Glass rack

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IGU glass storage
IGU glass storage

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