For years,exported glass is packed with plywood packing,end cap packing.

For importers,it’s difficult to unpack the crates and dispose the plywood,as numerous nails on it,easy to get injured ,in some developed countries such as West Europe,Australia,importers shall pay to dispose the plywood crates.

Glass packing-Plywood crate
Glass packing
Standard glass export packing
Standard Plywood Glass packing


These years new steel racks packing is becoming more and more popular,it’s made of thin steel tubes,almost same costs as plywood crates,easy to unpack and pick the glass piece,easy to dispose,importers can even use them again in the glass storage and handling.

But there’s still shortages:

  1. Racks cannot stack or pile up,so it require bigger storage warehouse.
  2. Max weight limit is 1500kgs,or it will be risky to for handling.
  3. Only can be used for same or similar sizes glass,such as shower doors,tempered glass.
    Steel glass rack-glass export
    Steel glass rack
    Glass export packing
    Glass export packing


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    Export glass packing-Australia market
    Glass rack

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