Low-E Coated Glass

Low-E Coated Glass

Low-e coated glass were developed to minimize the ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light transmittance. 

The biggest advantage of low-e coated glass is low U value,double glazed units(insulated glass) with high performance low e coating can decrease the heat pass through the glass and air conditioning fees.Energy efficient glass is becoming more and more popular,especially modern glass curtain wall and high rise glass projects.
Morn supply different low-e coated glasses: Single silver Low-E , Double silver Low-E,Triple silver low-E,hard coated low e(online low e).
Low-E Coated Glass

Single Silver Low-E coating

The first generation coating with one silver layer inside the coating.U value is about 1.8W/m2.K,SC varies from 0.3-0.7. It has been widely used in various buildings-Glass curtain wall,glass spandrel,etc.
a.Visible light transmittance— adequate indoor natural day lighting.
b.Solar energy transmittance — a wide range of shading coefficient available.
c.High far infrared reflectance — low U-value, reduced thermal transfer due to temperature difference.
Double Silver Low-E coating
Two silver layers inside the coating. While maintaining the same visible light transmittance, it has lower shading coefficient than single silver Low-E. It filters the sunshine as a cool lighting source and provides a solution to energy efficiency in design of high transparency.
a. Higher visible light transmittance — ensuring better natural lighting
b. Extremely low solar heat transmittance — effectively impeding SHGC.
Check the performance data:Morn Coated Glass Performance Data
Triple Silver Low-E coating
It’s developed especially for high latitude areas where require high light transmittance while with the lowest SC to Maximize the sunlight but decrease the thermal pass through the glass.
The LSG usually over 2.0.
Perfectly match the climate in North America,North Europe areas.
Morn offers MWTE70,MWTE72 similar to PPG solarban 70, MWTE58,MWTE60 similar to PPG solarban 90.
Check the performance data:Triple Silver Low-e Performance Data

Hard Coated Low-E coating

Current available hard coated low-E are:
AGC-Planibel G,Jinjing Hard Coated Low-e,Pilkington Energy Advantage:High transmittace
AGC Sunergy Clear:Medium transmittance low e
AGC Sunergy 48- SY-48:Solar shading low e coating
Click here to learn more about hard coated low-E and glass performance data:
Morn is your turnkey China low-e coated double glazed units(insulated glass) supplier,welcome contact us for more info.
Low-E Coated Glass
Visible light transmittance (lt): % of visible light passing through the glazing
External Light Reflectance (LRe): % of visible light, reflected outside the glazing
Internal Light Reflectance (LRi): % of visible light, reflected to the inside of the building
energy transmittance (et): % of solar energy directly transmitted through the glazing
energy absorbance (ea): % of solar energy absorbed by the glazing
g-value: Solar Factor or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Total solar energy entering into the
building. Figure between 0 and 1. The lower the g value, the more efficient is
the glazing in blocking the entry of solar energy
Shading Coefficient (SC): SC = g/0.87
selectivity (or lsG): ratio between the light transmittance (LT) and the solar factor (g-value). The
higher the selectivity value, the better is the glazing to cut more solar energy
than visible light
u-value: Thermal Transfer Coefficient. Quantity of heat transferred through the glazing
due to the temperature difference between inside and outside. The lower the U-
value, the better the thermal insulation performance
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