Materials& component of double glazed units

Materials& component of insulated glass(double glazed units)

Materials& component of double glazed units

1.Spacer:aluminium spacer,stainless spacer,warm edge spacer,superspacer,

The function is to be filled with desiccant,forming the air spacer between glass lites.

2.Glass Desiccant:Most widely used are 3A desiccant.

The function is to absorb moisture inside glass and keep inside dry.The water content inside glass should be below 0.1%,or IGU will have dew.

3.Buytl sealant: Excellent water tightness and air tightness.

Main function is to prevent water and air penetration into glass.

4.Secondary sealant:

Main function is to structural sealant,to keep the glass frame and sealant.

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