Low iron glass VS clear glass

Low iron glass VS clear glass

Float glass refers to the glass produced by the floating method. The general principle is to pour the molten glass into the surface of the liquid (liquid tin) with a specific gravity greater than that of the glass liquid to form the glass.

Low iron glass VS clear glass

The low iron glass(or ultra clear glass) is relative to normal clear glass. The color of pure glass should be colorless and transparent like white crystal (the main components of both are silica), due to impurities in the glass ( iron inside will cause the color of the  glass to be greenish. The so-called ultra clear glass is to use some method to reduce the iron content in the glass so that the color of the glass is close to transparent and colorless. Its price is several times more expensive than normal clear glass.

Low iron glass VS clear glass

Low iron glass VS clear glass

Both clear glass and low iron glass can be used in buildings,the main application of low iron glass are:Glass greenhouse,glass balustrades,glass aquaria,glass curtain wall.

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Some knowledge of low iron glass &heat soaked glass

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