• Jinjing upgraded low iron Glass-Zhichun

    The 1st piece low iron glass in China was produced in 2005 by Jinjing Glass Group. In the past 14 years,low iron glass production lines increased from 1 lines to 11 lines,including Jinjing glass group,CSG glass,Xinyi Glass,SYP glass,Yingxin Glass,Ancai glass etc.And low iron glass sales, from less than 2000 tons/month to now 11 lines successive production and consumption-180000 tons/month.The China market witted the growth of China glass market.The Jinjing low iron glass was also used in worldwide projects,such as Burj…

  • Some knowledge about ultra clear glass&heat soaked glass

    1. Why is the self-explosion rate of ultra clear tempered glass low? Low iron glass, because it contains much less iron elements than normal glass, it looks crystal clear, so it is also called ultra-white glass. Compared with float glass, in order to remove iron from the ultra-white glass in the production process, a magnetic selection process is added, and nickel is also removed during the process of removing iron, so that the content of nickel sulfide in the ultra-white…

  • Ultra clear PVB for ultra clear laminated glass

    Ultra clear glass,or low iron glass has higher transmittance compared with normal clear glass. It offers elegant crystal like appearance ,but when it was made into low iron PVB laminated glass,the PVB will usually become yellow color and affect the overall light transmittance and appearance especially when 4 or more layer PVB used. To solve this problem,ultra clear PVB was invented to meet the high transmittance -ultra clear requirement. Trosifol launched ultra clear PVB,as we can see in the picture,7.6mm(10 layers…

  • Hard coated low e VS Soft coated low e

    Low-E glass, short for Low Emissivity Glass,It is a coating on glass surface. This glass not only has high visible light transmittance, but also has a strong ability to block infrared rays. It can play the dual functions of natural lighting and heat insulation. Low-E glass is divided into offline Low-E glass(soft coated low e) and online Low-E glass(hard coated low e) according to the manufacturing process. On-line Low-E glass is a functional film with low radiation performance on the surface of the glass…

  • Low iron glass VS clear glass

    Float glass refers to the glass produced by the floating method. The general principle is to pour the molten glass into the surface of the liquid (liquid tin) with a specific gravity greater than that of the glass liquid to form the glass. The low iron glass(or ultra clear glass) is relative to normal clear glass. The color of pure glass should be colorless and transparent like white crystal (the main components of both are silica), due to impurities in…

  • Glass production bases in China

    Main glass production basis in China,help clients easier to find your suppliers   Despite famous brands in China,XYG,TG,CSG,XYG,Kibing,Jinjing,80% of trading companies glass source is: Clear glass: Benxi Yujing Glass -Dalian port Hebei Run’an Glass -Tianjin Port Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass -Tianjin port Tinted glass/tinted hard reflective glass: Weihai Lanxing glass-Qingdao port Tangshan Lanxin glass-Tianjin port Low iron float glass: Shandong Jinjing glass- Qingdao port. Hebei CSG -Tianjin port Acid etched glass:Tengzhou -Qingdao port Hard coated low-E: Shandong Jinjing Glass -Qingdao port…

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