• Low e glass introduction

    Low e glass introduction Low-emissvity glass (also known as LOW-E glass) is a multi-layer metal or metal oxide film coated on a glass surface, one or two layers of which are mainly Ag-based. It can effectively reduce solar energy absorption or control energy loss, and greatly reduce the heat transfer coefficient of glass. It can reflect 50%~80% of the heat transferred by glass, especially far-infrared radiant heat, while allowing all or part of visible light to pass. Coated glass. Insulated…

  • Low-E Coated Glass

    Low-E Coated Glass Low-e coated glass were developed to minimize the ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light transmittance.  The biggest advantage of low-e coated glass is low U value,double glazed units(insulated glass) with high performance low e coating can decrease the heat pass through the glass and air conditioning fees.Energy efficient glass is becoming more and more popular,especially modern glass curtain wall and high rise glass projects. Morn supply different…

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