Low e coating position-Surface #2 VS Surface #3

Low e coating position-Surface #2 VS Surface #3

Most low e coatings for insulated glass are placed on surface #2,but some projects have the low e coating on surface #3,but what’s the difference if we place the coating on #2 and #3?
Here we’ll introduce how the low e coating position affect the glass performance.
Main difference:
1.Different SC value.

Low e coating position-Surface #2 VS Surface #3
Based on above data,SC value changed much based on different position.So clients should adjust the coating position according to the climate and SC requirement.In cold areas,the low e coating shall be placed on surface #3 to get higher solar coefficient and sunlight,in hot areas,low e coating shall be on surface #2 to avoid sunlight.
We can also note that whether on position 2 or 3,the U value are the same.

2.Surface temperature

Low e coating position-Surface #2 VS Surface #3

Whether single silver low e, double silver,or even triple silver low e,there’s big temperature difference on surface #4.For convenient requirement,it’s suggested to place coating on surface #2 to reduce the heat radiation.

The reasons for the SC and temperature difference is:
if place coating on surface #2,most near infrared radiation are reflected and reduce the direct radiation transmittance.The inner surface #2 of the outer piece glass has much lower than surface #1,so the outward radiation is higher than inward radiation causing lower radiation and thermal passed to the insulated glass space and the 2nd piece glass,thus the SC value and surface #4 temperature is much lower.
Under the same lighting condition,the light transmittance are same for these 2 glass but the 2nd thermal transmission are different caused the difference.

3.Difference color and visual effect.

Low e coating position-Surface #2 VS Surface #3
As we know most low e coating reflect color are usually light grey,blue,and silver color,while the back side of the low e coating are quite different,especially some double silver low e will have red or purple colors even if the front color is blue,so if we place the coating on surface 3,the reflect the color will be much different,in addition to the interfere of the 1st piece glass reflect,the color will varies.

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Low-e coating position:Surface #2 VS surface #3

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