• Solar reflective coating on position 2 & 3.

    As we know,soft coated low-E coatings must be made into insulated glass,on glass surface #2 ,or surface #,for laminated insulated glass,the coating will be on surface #4,or #5.The main affected glass performance is the solar coefficient,and U value.Compared with low-E coating on exterior glass, coating on interior surface will have higher solar coefficient,suitable for high altitude areas that require more solar energy. But for solar reflective glass,as there’s no silver layers in the coating,it can be used in both interior…

  • Low e coating position-Surface #2 VS Surface #3

    Low e coating position-Surface #2 VS Surface #3 Most low e coatings for insulated glass are placed on surface #2,but some projects have the low e coating on surface #3,but what’s the difference if we place the coating on #2 and #3? Here we’ll introduce how the low e coating position affect the glass performance. Main difference: 1.Different SC value. Based on above data,SC value changed much based on different position.So clients should adjust the coating position according to the…

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