Low e coating on tinted glass-advantage&disadvantage

Low e coating on tinted glass-advantage&disadvantage

Normal low e coating are coated on normal clear float glass,or low iron float glass,while many facade designers prefer low e coating on tinted glass for below reason:

Low e coating on tinted glass-advantage&disadvantage

a.Low glass  reflective ratio:tinted glass such as euro grey glass,French green glass ,euro bronze glass reflective ratio is about 6%-8%,once coated with low e coating,the double glazed units reflective ratio will be below 10%.

Low e coating on tinted glass-advantage&disadvantage

Low e coating on tinted glass-advantage&disadvantage

b.Low solar coefficient.For some hot areas,such as southeast Asian countries,the project require both low U value,and low SC value.

Normal double silver low-E minimum SC value is 0.3,while some project require 0.28 or even lower SC value,to achieve the glass performance data,low e coated tinted glass is necessary.

c.Colorful glass facade.low-e on clear glass has limited color options:Silver grey low e,clear low e,blue low-e,gold color low e.To make the glass facade different from other buildings,colorful tinted glass with low E coating can make a great difference.

Low e coating on tinted glass-advantage&disadvantage

While most glass processors don’t like tinted glass with low e coating orders,the disadvantage of this kind of insulated glass are:

a.Higher price.Low-e coating process require fresh glass,but for production schedule reason,there’s few chance to get fresh tinted glass,to solve this,processors have to cut,temper the tinted glass first and then have low e coating.Compared with standard sized low e glass,coating after tempering process production efficiency is at least 50% lower than standard clear low e production.

b.Out of production capability.

Only few large glass processors have low-E coating line that can supply this kind of glass.Most glass processors have to ask assistance of the coating process.While for above mentioned low production efficiency,and potential arguments about glass quality(glass color,coating quality,float glass quality)etc,large processors wouldn’t like to offer coating service for small processors,so this kind of orders are usually out of small processors’ supply capability.

c.Glass samples&replacement:both the glass samples and replacements have the same process procedure-cut,edging,temper,coating,insulating,packing.

It takes much time and costs to prepare samples for approval and glass replacement.Sometimes,the delayed arrival of samples and replacements will cause losing project or penalty.

d.Delayed delivery.

There’s few manufacturers produce tinted glass,for some reason,processors cannot get required tinted glass in time which will cause delayed delivery time.

e.Potential color difference.

Every lot tinted glass has slight color difference,if the project supplying last long time or have large quantity glass replacement,processors cannot find same lot tinted glass for previous supplied glass.In this case,color difference is easily happened.

Please consider above mentioned disadvantages of low -e coating on tinted glass and make decision.

Morn is your turnkey double glazed units supplier,we offer all kinds of tinted low e products.

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