Low-E coated tinted glass IGU price

Low-E coated tinted glass IGU price

80% low-E coatings are on clear glass,but in some hot areas,especially Africa,South Africa areas,the high temperature force clients to coat low-E coatings on tinted glass, such as euro grey,crystal grey,ford blue ,etc to decrease the glass Solar shading coefficient and light transmittance.

Low-E coated tinted glass IGU price
Compared with normal insulated glass,low-E coated tinted glass is higher and sometimes varies much,the costs causing the price difference is as below:

1.Raw materials:tinted glass price is higher than normal clear glass,around USD0.5-1/SQM.
For normal clear glass, glass processor s can use the remained glass for other projects,but remained tinted glass are mostly becoming stock,there’re not many projects require same tinted glass,this is also part of the total costs.
2.Low-E coating:Almost all glass processing factories can produce normal clear low-E IGU,but coating low-E on tinted glass can only be finished by low-E glass manufacturers.These factories are usually very large scale,and good quality,good management,their finished glass price is higher than other small scale glass processors.
3.Low-E coating on tinted glass ,the defects is more clear and higher defects ratio.this also cause the higher price.
4.Processing difficulty:some glass combination is clear +PVB+ tinted low-E+air space +clear,as the low-E glass and clear glass has quite different heat absorbing capability,it require high processing technics to guarantee the laminated glass quality,and higher defective glass increase glass costs.
5.Fresh glass:Float glass manufacturers don’t usually produce tinted glass,maybe 3-6 months each lot,while low-E coating require very fresh glass,usually within 1 month,if tinted glass used is not fresh,processors have to cut,and temper the glass first ,and then have low-E coating on the cut to size glass,the costs is quite different.
6.Glass waste ratio:compared with normal clear glass,tinted glass standard panels are limited,so if the finish glass size is not good will cause very high waste and low cutting ratio.

Above reasons will cause the low-E coated tinted glass IGU price at least 20% higher price than normal clear IGU,so it’s suggested to use standard clear IGU in your projects.

Low-E coated tinted glass IGU price
Tips :
1.Please arrange 3-5% extra low-E panels during production in case any replacement,or the replacement costs will be extremely high and takes long time.
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Low-E coating on tinted glass-advantage&disadvantage

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