• W1.1 and W1.16 low E coating for greenhouse /conservatory

    The main function of large scale greenhouse is planting and farming,the most common greenhouse glass is 3/3.2/4mm low iron tempered glass,AR coating is optional to increase the light transmittance and solar energy. While personal or household greenhouse, conservatory use insulated glass instead of single piece tempered safety glass,the main consideration of this kinds of conservatory is :thermal insulation and high light transmittance. Traditional single silver low-E or double silver low-E can only reach 75% and 67% light transmittance and best…

  • Glass Performance-High transmittance double silver low e

    Here we gathered the double silver low e glass performance data(6-12-6 double glazed units) from world famous glass manufacturers. The manufacturers include Guardian,PPG,Cardinal,Pilkington,Interpane,SSG,CSG,XYG,SYP and TG glass. No. Glass option Visible Light Solar Energy U value(W/2.K) SC SHGC LT % Ref % In % Tsol % Rsol % Summer Winter 1 Morn MWDE176+Clear 68 11 12 39 27 1.58 1.64 0.45 0.39 2 Guardian SN68 68 11 12 33 33 1.6 1.65 0.44 0.38 3 PPG Solarban 60 +Clear 70 11…

  • What’s AR coated glass?

    AR coated glass or AR coated Anti-Reflective Glass is also known as enhanced transmission glass or anti reflective glass. The features of AR coated glass: The highest visible light transmittance is 99%, and the average visible light transmittance is over 95%, which greatly increases the original brightness of LCD and PDP and reduces energy consumption. The average reflectance is less than 4%, and the lowest value is less than 0.5% Resistant to ultraviolet rays, effectively protecting the eyes. The transmittance of the…

  • Greenhouse Glass types

    Greenhouse ,or conservatory create an important role in daily life.It brings green in the cold winter ,,and some big greenhouse ensure that we can have higher output. The greenhouse thermal insulation is an very important factor  that affect the interior temperature.while glass is the deciding thermal conductive.Greenhouse glass types are below: Traditional Greenhouse glass are  3mm or 4mm tempered glass ,the advantage is cheap and higher light transmittance,high strength to offer impact resistance.But the shortage is high glass U value,which…

  • Knowledge about Low e glass

    Low e glass features and application LOW-E glass is not low, but commonly known as “low-emissivity glass”, is a vacuum magnetic sputtering coating on the surface of the glass it’s a low-emission metal film and metal compound film, the coating has a high light transmittance, Excellent thermal insulation and good light transmission.  noise reduction, sound insulation and UV protection functions. low e glass main features are: 1. Excellent thermal performance Doors and windows using low e glass can greatly reduce…

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