• Low-E coated tinted glass IGU price

    80% low-E coatings are on clear glass,but in some hot areas,especially Africa,South Africa areas,the high temperature force clients to coat low-E coatings on tinted glass, such as euro grey,crystal grey,ford blue ,etc to decrease the glass Solar shading coefficient and light transmittance. Compared with normal insulated glass,low-E coated tinted glass is higher and sometimes varies much,the costs causing the price difference is as below: 1.Raw materials:tinted glass price is higher than normal clear glass,around USD0.5-1/SQM. For normal clear glass, glass…

  • How to calculate the glass STC?

    One of the features of glass is sound proof,whether it’s single glazing, laminated glass,insulated glass or even laminated insulated,the glass can reduce the sounds transferrd from outdoor to indoor. The order of sound insulation performance from poor to excellent is: monolithic glass < laminated glass <double insulated glass < triple insulating glass< laminated insulated glass. Here we introduce a simple formula to calculate the glass STC-sound transmission class. 1.Monolithic glass Formula: R=13.5lgM+13 R:Monolithic glass STC M:Glass density Example:6mm clear tempered…

  • Factors affect the facade materials costs

    What are the main factors affecting the cost of curtain wall materials? Today, I will tell you about it: First, glass 1.glass raw materials: clear glass (conventional), french green, low iron glass, etc. 2, the configuration of the glass: single piece, insulated glass,laminated insulated glass and so on. 3, glass coating: single silver Low-e, double silver Low-e, solar reflective glass 4, Secondary sealant: plastic brand (conventional domestic, imported Dow corning,Sika sealant), secondary sealant depth (structural sealant ≤ 12mm). 5, Insulated…

  • The sun room types and classification

    The sun room(or glass conservatory) can be built on the terrace of the duplex building, the private garden,the top floor of the building, private villas and other places. Its building facade even includes the top are glass structures. Because the room require light and ventilated,as well as good sealing effect,the sun room facade and the top are mostly composed of openable doors and windows. The quality of the door and window determines the success of the sun room construction. When…

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