Architectural Laminated Glass

Architectural Heat strengthened glass

Introduction of Morn laminated glass products:

Laminated glass:
Laminated glass is combining two or more lites of glass permanently with one or more interlayers,the interlayer can be PVB,EVA and SGP interlayer,new products also contain dichroic films,smart films to make the glass more functional.the film can keep glass integrity and prevent potential damages,so laminated glass is also called laminated safety glass.

Architectural Laminated Glass
1. Acoustic. Reduce at least 30Dbs noise across the glass.
2. Aesthetic.PVB/EVA laminated can be enhanced to have beautiful colors to have more decorative function.
3. Safety:PVB interlayer can combine 2 piles monolithic when broken,decrease the injury possibility.
4. Blast-Mitigating: Multilayer float glass&PVB can be made into bullet proof glass.
5. UV-Resistance:Laminated glass provides 99% UV light blockage at the wavelength range of ~300 – 380 nanometersArchitectural

Laminated Glass can be enhanced in several methods:

♦ Appearance enhancement: Enhancement- Appearance

♦ Color Enhancement: Enhancement- Color

♦ Strength enhancement: Enhancement- strengthen

Despite the original features of normal PVB laminated, new structural Glazing interlayer(Dupont SentryGlas Plus,Saflex DG41) laminated Glass has below features:

♦ Extra clear colour. SGP laminated were designed specifically to meet the demanding optical requirement typical to low iron glass applications.

♦ Superior structural capability-Hurricane proof. The SGP &DG41 laminated glass is capable of keeping glass intact ,hurricane proof.

♦ Superior resistance to delamination .Excellent edge stability.

♦ High load capability sustains safety after breakage,SGP lami is widely used in Glass floors,Glass staircases.

More knowledge:

What’s Dupont SGP?

PVB laminated glass VS SGP laminated glass

Difference between PVB,EVA,SGP interlayer

Specification of SGP interlayer


Exterior Application:

Architectural Glass Facade/Spandrel, Spider Glazing-Glass Fin/Mullion,windows,Glass Canopy/Balustrade/Handrail

Interior Application:

Architectural Glass Steps/ Staircase,Glass Floor,Glass partition

Production capability

♦ Overall thickness: 6mm-60mm

♦ PVB thickness options: 0.15’’,0.30’’,0.45’’,0.6’’,0.9’


MORN Glass staircase Laminated Glass
MORN Ceramic fritted glass
MORN Tinted Laminated Glass Handrail with perforation
MORN Glass Balcony Vanceva laminated
Cooperating with China reputable laminated glass manufacturers,Morn can supply various laminated glass and would like to be your turnkey architectural glass supplier in China.Welcome contact if any questions.
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