• Low-E coated tinted glass IGU price

    80% low-E coatings are on clear glass,but in some hot areas,especially Africa,South Africa areas,the high temperature force clients to coat low-E coatings on tinted glass, such as euro grey,crystal grey,ford blue ,etc to decrease the glass Solar shading coefficient and light transmittance. Compared with normal insulated glass,low-E coated tinted glass is higher and sometimes varies much,the costs causing the price difference is as below: 1.Raw materials:tinted glass price is higher than normal clear glass,around USD0.5-1/SQM. For normal clear glass, glass…

  • Factors that affect laminated glass quality

    Factors that affect laminated glass quality The reasons for laminated glass quality are: Glass cleanness &dry: water marks,dirt,oils mark. Tempered glass flatness. Glass direction during pre-laminating. Laminating room cleanness,temperature,humidity. PVB moisture content. PVB thickness and layer qty. Over extension of PVB during laminating ,or unreasonable extra PVB length. Improper laminating techniques. China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

  • Factors that affect laminated glass quality

    The factors affect laminated glass quality is : 1.Glass clean&dry-dirt,oil,water mark. 2.Glass flatness. 3.Glass direction during squeezing process. 4.The environment of laminating rooms:Temperature,moisture,humidity. 5.Water content of PVB interlayers. 6.Interlayer thickness,layer quantity. 7.Over tensile of interlayer,or insufficient extra interlayer left during laminating. Quality laminated glass has long term lifetime,Morn ‘s strictly selected processors and factories will guarantee high quality laminated glass and offer 10 years warranty time for Kuarary,Trisofol laminated glass. China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

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