Knowledge about Low e glass

Low e glass features and application

LOW-E glass is not low, but commonly known as “low-emissivity glass”, is a vacuum magnetic sputtering coating on the surface of the glass it’s a low-emission metal film and metal compound film, the coating has a high light transmittance, Excellent thermal insulation and good light transmission.  noise reduction, sound insulation and UV protection functions.

Knowledge about Low e glass

low e glass main features are:

1. Excellent thermal performance

Doors and windows using low e glass can greatly reduce the transfer of indoor thermal energy to the outside due to radiation, achieving ideal energy-saving effects. Due to the reduction of heat loss, the fuel consumed by heating can be greatly reduced, thereby reducing harmful Gas emissions.

Knowledge about Low e glass

2. Good optical performance

Low-E glass has a high transmittance, while the reflectance is very low, and the optical performance is greatly improved. When viewed from the outside, the appearance is more transparent and clear, which ensures the building’s good lighting, and avoids the light pollution caused by the large-area insulated glass(double glazed units) door and window light reflection, creating a softer and more comfortable light environment.

LOW-E glass is widely used in many fields. Its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental performance, changing fashion appearance and high quality requirements are becoming the new favorite of the high-end buildings.

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