Key points when purchasing greenhouse glass-tempered glass

As we mentioned in last blog,3mm/4mm tempered glass,hard coated low e glass,double glazed units are most widely used in greenhouse,but please pay attention to below points when purchasing your greenhouse glass and select the right greenhouse glass suppliers.

3MM/4MM tempered glass:

1.Glass flatness:3mm/4mm tempered glass are usually not flat because high temperature and wind pressure when processing the tempered glass.

As the glass is very thin,glass will easily deform or curved during the high temperature.It won’t affect the glass performance but affect the overall visual appearance,the greenhouse will be looks very ugly if using not flat tempered glass.

Key points when purchasing greenhouse glass-tempered glass

2.Raw materials -float glass:There’re Nis inside glass which will cause glass self explosion after installation.Bad quality float glass will have high possibility of self explosion and bring trouble to your greenhouse.Replacement will be big problem while the most important is the temperature cannot be controlled well with broken glass.

Key points when purchasing greenhouse glass-tempered glass

3.Glass strength:Most international stand require minimum 40 fragments when 3mm tempered glass is broken.Because glass is very thin,it’s very difficult to form the compression and strength with normal tempering furnace.So some bad quality tempered glass will have very large piece fragments after broken,the glass strength is insufficient.

Key points when purchasing greenhouse glass-tempered glass

Morn has huge glass manufacturer database,can be your best China greenhouse glass supplier, EN/CSI/USA certified quality glass products for greenhouse.

3MM/4MM tempered glass:Kitemark ,EN12150 ,SGCC,CSI

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