Jinjing upgraded low iron Glass-Zhichun

Jinjing upgraded low iron Glass-Zhichun

The 1st piece low iron glass in China was produced in 2005 by Jinjing Glass Group.

In the past 14 years,low iron glass production lines increased from 1 lines to 11 lines,including Jinjing glass group,CSG glass,Xinyi Glass,SYP glass,Yingxin Glass,Ancai glass etc.And low iron glass sales, from less than 2000 tons/month to now 11 lines successive production and consumption-180000 tons/month.The China market witted the growth of China glass market.The Jinjing low iron glass was also used in worldwide projects,such as Burj Khalifa Tower,Shanghai Tower etc.

Jinjing upgraded low iron Glass-Zhichun

The iron content inside low iron glass is the deciding factors that affect low iron glass clearness,if too much iron inside,glass will be green color.

With PPG technology,Jinjing was able to produce low iron but compared with PPG starphire glass,the clearness and brightness is much more inferior.

Jinjing upgraded low iron Glass-Zhichun

Low iron glass compare:left to right: Jinjing low iron glass,Jinjing zhichun low iron,clear glass

Recently Jinjing upgraded its low iron glass and named it with Zhichun.

Compared with previous low iron glass,the features of new product are:

1.Iron content decreased by 27%.

2.color revivification degree increased by 12%.

3.Color brightness of glass edge increase by 17%.

Jinjing upgraded low iron Glass-Zhichun

With the newest Zhichun low iron glass,China finaly has same or even superior low iron glass that can compete PPG starphire,the glass will be widely used in more high end projects.

Jinjing upgraded low iron Glass-Zhichun


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