Introduction of China Main glass fabricators

China glass brands

Introduction of China Main glass fabricators

1. CSG: Enjoying the best reputation in China,advantage is double triple silver low-E glass,Specializing in developing high technology glass.

2. XYG:Has the most sales revenue in China,has production bases in Malaysia ,and plan to build new lines in Canada.Newest strategy is international production and supply.

3. TG:Taiwan glass, HQ in Taipei,produce float glass,mirrors,patterned glass,processed glass,invests in electrical glass in the next few years.

4. SYP:Joint venture of Yaohua glass and Pilkington,producing hard coated low-E and processed glass.

5. Jinjing Glass:Famous for low iron glass-PPG technology,float glass,low-E glass,patterned glass,weak in processed glass.Will invest more in auto glass domestic and Malaysia.

6. Fuyao glass:Account 80% China auto glass market share ,world famous auto glass fabricator,international production and marketing.

7. Kibing: Large group with production base in Malaysia,these years developed processed glass in Malaysia,Shaoxing and Huizhou.

8. CNG:Specializing in tinted glass and tinted reflective glass production.

9. Avic Sanxin: Producing float glass and processed glass.

10. Luoyang glass:Focus on ultra thin glass production.

11. Jingang glass:Focus on special glass,fireproof,bulletproof glass.

12. Shahe Anquan,Yingxin,Zhengda,Xinli,Changhong,Haisheng etc, specializing in float glass production.

13. Northglass: Glass processing machine,especially tempering furnace development, and special glass production-ultra long,ultra thick glass production.

14. Intex: Float glass production and building glass processing.

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