Huajian Aluminium Profile

Huajian Aluminium Profile

Aluminium profiles is produced by extrusion process involves a preheated billet being squeezed through an opening in a steel die forming the cross-section of the extrusion or profile.After extrusion process,aluminium profiles surface can be treated with different paints:Mill finish,Anodized finish,powder coating finish and PVDF coating,wood transfer process to suit various clients and design requirement.Extruded aluminium profiles has now been widely used in architectural,Auto,Industry,furniture,etc.

Huajian Aluminium Profile

Huajian Aluminium profiles now become Morn’s new products category,Morn offer comprehensive Aluminium profile products with competitive price.

Products include:

Aluminium Alloy profile

Thermal break aluminium profile

Curtain wall aluminium profile

Windows&doors aluminium profile

Surface treatment options:

Mill Finish,

Anodized finish ,

Powder coating-Akzo Nobel,

PVDF coating-Akzo Nobel,

Wood transfer -Italian Menphis

Huajian Aluminium Profile

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Shandong Huajian Aluminium Group Co., Ltd is China top 10 aluminum profiles manufacturer with more than 5500 staffs and an area of 2,800,000 square meters, and has an annual production capacity of 550,000 tons.

Huajian is equipped with advanced equipments for die fabricating, billet casting, extrusion and surface treatment methods including anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, wood-grained surface and so on. It has altogether about 150 series including 12,000 product categories. It can also handle further aluminium profile fabricating to meet more customers needs. Application of the products covers curtain wall, windows & doors, railing, decoration, electronics, transportation, etc. especially equipment frame.

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Advantage of thermal break aluminium windows.

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