• The advantage of thermal break aluminium windows

    PVC doors and windows have been in the building door and window market for more than 20 years while the lifetime of excellent PVB windows and doors is only 10-20 years. Now many consumers will be replace PVC doors and windows with thermal break aluminum doors and windows. PVC windows and doors has 2 disadvantages: LIFETIME: PVC profiles is plastic and steel lining. If you don’t talk about inferior plastic steel, even high-quality PVC can’t solve the problem of brittleness…

  • The application of aluminium profiles in building

    The construction industry is one of the main markets for aluminum profiles. About 20% of the world’s total aluminum production is used in the construction industry. the application of novel architectural products such as colored aluminum profiles, composite aluminum plates, composite door and window frames, and aluminum alloy templates has also increased year by year. One of the main advantages of the aluminum alloy profile is corrosion resistance and durability. The aluminum profiles is widely used in environments with high…

  • Announcement:Morn expanded business category

    Every facade is a integrity of architectural glass,hardware, windows&doors,aluminium profiles,gaskets,terracotta panels ,stone,aluminium plates.In which glass,aluminium plates,hardware and aluminium profiles are most common facade materials. Morn focused on building glass before,but with the good relationship with facade materials leaders,Morn is able to supply high quality facade materials in one lot,we’re pleased to announce that Morn’s business has expanded to below category: Architectural glass:Heat treated glass,Laminated glass,double glazed units. Aluminium profile:Powder coated aluminum profiles,PVDF coated aluminium profiles,curtain wall aluminium profiles. Aluminium plate:Perforated…

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