How to select the right China glass supplier

Building materials,especial building glass sourcing works,sometimes it’s really hard for customers,there’re numerous options when selecting the right supplier,the main problems purchasing managers met are listed below:

  1. Is this a trading company,or a real factory?
  2. How can I ensure that the purchased glass are qualified and very goo quality?
  3. How can I ensure that the price is reasonable and within budget?
  4. Can they supply the glass in time?
  5. Will the supplier undertake responsibility once any problem happens?

Many many questions and details should be confirmed before placing an order,it takes several months ,or even several years,business is very simple,it’s a long term process of building mutual trust,and mutual benefit.

1st,many facade purchasing managers first question when meeting a new supplier,will always be:are you a trading company or factory?

Whether you source in B2B sites,or google,numerous suppliers options will make you confused,and the answers from suppliers are always:Yes,we’re factory! Or we’re trading company but we ave factory.The ambiguous answers are useless for customers.It’s not the times that the market is full of liers and fraud.Over 95% suppliers you find are willing to expand business and work with new customers,whether they’re ,tl,factories,or big trading companies,or even small trading company with 1-5 staffs.Small trading companies sometimes worth more trust for below reasons:

  1. Starting-up or small trading companies is established by sales,or technical manager that worked in factory for years,or purchasing manager in big trading companies for years,they knows exactly the order suits which factory,they know the product and they know more compared with factory sales.
  2. Small trading companies have low costs,little profit can meet the company operation.Compared with factory,thousand million dollars investment,or trading companies too many staffs,small orders and lower profit is enough.So the price will be at least 5% lower.
  3. Small trading companies have grow up requirement,so they care for every customers and strive to keep high quality ,lower price to building long term relationship and grow up with customers.
  4. Small trading companies will be more cautious and careful when selecting the factories to avoid possible quality problems or customers complaints.
  5. The biggest advantage of trading company is,they can always meet your every requirement,whether it’s big or small,easy or hard,they can always find suitable factories and work together to offer best quality and reasonable price products.and they’re more flexible when facing customers complains,shipping schedule,production schedule.Compared with complex factories rules ,working with trading companies will be much easier.

So we can get the conclusion that small trading companies will be more trustworthy.But there’re still many small trading companies are fraud,how to identify them?

Please just check the company on website: how about their website,the google result about this company,their export record ,their main customers,all these information can be got through google or third party website,then you can easily know whom they are.If there’s website,not much result about this company,then please consider give up.On the contrast,if the company issue industry related information,or professional product information,please trust them and this is your target!

Morn Building materials s starting up trading company,before starting this business,we know hundreds of quality factories,we value your every request and requirement,don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any glass requirement(tempered glass,laminated glass,insulated glass),our glass expert is ready to serve and work with you for a great project,Morn will be your greatest glass supplier in China.

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