How to select spider fittings in Point supported glass curtain wall?

Pointed supported glass curtain wall refers to a new type of modular building structure in which the building glass and the metal (or glass) supporting structure are connected by metal connecting members and fasteners, which is also called a point frameless glass curtain wall.


How to select spider fittings in Point supported glass curtain wall?

The main components of a building point glass curtain wall

1. Support system
It is the main force component,Such as: glass ribs, stainless steel column, aluminum profile column or anti-corrosion, fire-resistant steel structures and stainless steel rod (cable), stainless steel struts, etc.
2, metal connectors
Includes glass spider fittings and fasteners.
Metal joints are the essence of architectural point technology. It should not fix the additional stress on the support side of the support structure, and it can allow a small amount of displacement to adjust the construction error. At the same time, there are shock absorption measures to improve the seismic resistance.
In addition, the metal connector also produces a remarkable decorative effect, so in addition to meeting the functional requirements, there are also beautiful design and fine processing.
3. glass
Glass must be made of tempered glass
Tempered insulating glass is used in all buildings in cold area with high thermal insulation requirements.
In the case of a large flow of people or a high level of safety requirements, the laminated glass is used.
In the case of high anti-theft security performance, hollow laminated tempered glass is generally used.
4. Sealing material
The glass and the glass are sealed with a weather-resistant silicone rubber, and the glass and metal structure are bonded by a structural silicone glue.

How to select spider fittings in Point supported glass curtain wall?

Below video shows us how to select the right spider fittings in the point supported facade,including:

1.How to avoid glass breakage through selecting the right spider fittings.
2.How to increase the facade thermal insulation performance.
3.Some special glass fittings that can be used in project.

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