How to prevent glass mildew and mold?

Recently many of my friends said that the glass imported to Malaysia was mildewed after installation.

How to prevent glass mildew and mold?

There’re many reasons that cause the glass mildew:

1.Non-fresh float glass used.

2.Incorrect stock environment for finished glass-Both in the factory and site.

3.Insufficient desiccant used both in wooden crates and in container.

To better prevent the glass mildew,below are some suggestions:

1.Using fresh float glass that are produced within 3 months.

If the float glass are long time stocks,use anti-mildew remover to wash and clean the glass.

2.Place container desiccant in the wooden crates,and in the container.

During the ocean transportation of containers, the huge temperature difference between day and night on the sea makes the high temperature air locked in the container during the day meet a very low temperature at night to form a large temperature difference, which will form a “container rain” . It has a very adverse effect, and the excessive humidity of the package directly affects the appearance of the surface of the product. Therefore, the container desiccant was born, and the container desiccant can effectively prevent the occurrence of “container rain” and keep the container space dry.

How to prevent glass mildew and mold?How to prevent glass mildew and mold?

3.Once glass rainbow appears after installation,use mildew remover to clean the glass.

As building glass exporter,Morn work with the most experienced glass manufacturers and  pay high emphasis on the glass packing and guarantee quality glass will be delivered .

Especially the glass orders from Southeast Asian countries,Morn will take measures to prevent glass mildew and deliver worry free glass.

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