How to prevent bird from hitting the glass?

Why do birds accidentally hit the glass?

Although birds have extraordinary vision, it is difficult to find the existence of glass. On the contrary, they see the reflection of the sky and plants on the glass, they will mistake it as a safe place, especially when they are frightened or threatened. At night, the decorative light near the glass can disorient migrating birds, causing them to collide with skyscrapers, office buildings, or other glass decorated with lights. Large glass and corner glass are the most susceptible to impact, but even small glass can cause fatal impact.

Although sometimes a strong impact can kill a bird on the spot, usually, the bird appears to be knocked out and will gradually recover and fly away. However, these birds have sequelae of congestion or swelling of the brain, which usually leads to death. Birds that have been struck will also have weaker flying skills and ability to distinguish directions, making them easier to hunt by other animals (such as raptors or cats).

How to prevent bird from hitting the glass?

How to prevent birds from hitting the glass?

There are many ways to reduce or even prevent birds from hitting the glass. The best strategy is to use multiple methods at the same time, so that the bird can clearly see the glass and avoid it.

Indoor solution

  1. Install curtains or blinds indoors so that the glass is as non-reflective as possible. If the angle is correct, these decorations will not affect the light in the room, nor will it affect the scenery you see outside the window, but it is very important for birds
  2. Please try to remove the plants in front of the window, so that the bird will not think that it is a refuge or a source of food. Plants should be placed where the bird cannot see from the outside
  3. Installthe patterned glass, which can reduce the reflective area.
  4. Hang thin curtains on the large glass to reduce reflections. Tighten the curtains, these curtains will not affect the visibility, but can effectively reduce the bird hit the glass.

Outdoor solution

  1. You can add some decoration on the window to reduce the reflection. Such as posting raptor patterns or other decorations.
  2. Install a transparent film similar to one side of the car window, which can be seen from the inside to the outside, but opaque from the outside to the inside.
  3. Install a parasol or shade cloth outside the window, which can not only reduce reflection, but also save energy.
  4. Place a certain height of green plants outside the glass, and the bird will use it as a refuge, so that the bird will stop on these vegetation before trying to pass through the glass, even if the bird takes off again and hits the glass , Because the speed is not enough, it will not hurt.

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