How to install one way mirror?

How to install one way mirror?

One-way mirror is a special glass that has a very high reflectance to visible light.the reflecting surface must be the illuminating surface or the outdoor side. When the outdoor is brighter than the indoor, the one-way mirror is similar to normal mirror, and the indoor scene cannot be seen outdoors, but the outdoor scene can be clearly seen indoors. When the outdoor is darker than the indoors, the indoor scenery can be seen outdoors, and the outdoor scenery can be seen indoors, and the definition depends on the intensity of the outdoor illumination.

One way mirror is mainly used for concealed observation windows, holes,and Widely used in public security bureaus, detention centers, prisons, courts, karaoke, offices, school viewing classrooms, mental hospitals, nuclear power plants, military security departments and other places.

How to install one way mirror?

To properly install a one-way mioor, the following five steps must be followed:

1. The one-way mirror is divided into two sides, the front side is a glass mirror (mercury surface), and the mirror should face the monitored room (for example, the space where the suspect is located).

2. The illumination ratio of the monitoring room and the monitored room is recommended to be controlled at 1:10. The stronger the light in the monitored room, the more obvious the one-way perspective effect of the glass. If there is a window in the monitoring room, it should be covered with curtains when using it, that is, the monitoring room should be kept as transparent as possible.

3. The monitoring room is not allowed to have a light source in principle. If the monitoring room needs to be arranged with lights, the lights should be installed at the corners above the glass as much as possible to prevent the image of the indoor monitoring personnel from directly mapping to the glass surface.

4. In order to enhance the overall reflection effect of the glass mirror, it is recommended to uniformly install the spotlight above the mirror surface of the monitored room, and the 45° angle is directed to the middle of the glass mirror to enhance the overall reflectivity of the mirror and enhance the one-way perspective effect.

5. The actual distance between the monitored personnel and the one-way mirror should be ≥0.5-1 meters.

How to install one way mirror?

After the one way ,mirror is installed, be sure to protect the glass mirror. It is recommended to use a feather duster to remove the surface dust. It is not advisable to use a sharp, rough object to wipe the glass mirror.

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