How to improve the glass curtain wall flatness?

The glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel method of building wall decoration, which is a prominent feature of the modern high-rise building era. Glass walls are a common sight in modern cities. After the installation of the glass in the hidden frame glass curtain wall,the glass surface tends to be distorted. Despite the heat treated glass flatness,construction errors is another main reason for this problem.

How to improve the glass curtain wall flatness?
I. Factors affecting construction errors
1. Since the hidden frame glass curtain wall is bonded to the aluminum alloy frame (sub-frame) through the silicone structural sealant, and then fastened to the aluminum alloy frame by the fixed clamp and the stainless steel bolt, due to the fixed clamp and the aluminum alloy sub-frame is a point connection. At the contact point, due to the different degree of tightness of the fastening bolts, the force transmitted to the glass through the structural adhesive is different, and the scene reflected by the glass surface will be distorted; at the same time, the spacing of the fixed clamps is not different, this phenomenon will also occur.
2. Due to the construction error, the beams,column distance are different . After the glass is installed, the adjacent two pieces are not in a plane, and distortion will occur.
3. In the process of filling structural adhesive and maintenance process, due to improper method, the structural adhesive is pressed before curing, resulting in different thickness of structural adhesive, and the surface of the glass will be uneven after installation.

How to improve the glass curtain wall flatness?
II.Measures to reduce glass distortion
1. Use a suitable connection method to make the surface of the glass evenly stressed. For example, the aluminum alloy frame can be suspended on the aluminum alloy frame, and the glass naturally hangs down and the force is even.
2. Reasonable design of the fixed clamp spacing. According to experience, the distance between the first clamp and the glass edge is between 100 and 150 mm, and the spacing between the intermediate clamps is preferably between 250 and 300 mm.
3, in the structural adhesive and curing stage, to avoid the structural adhesive pressure, can be separated between the glass components by the mat, the height of the mat should be higher than the sum of the thickness of each structural adhesive of the aluminum frame.
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