How to decrease glass purchasing costs through controlling glass size

As we know,the float glass manufacturers have limited standard float glass size options.

In most cases,glass processors buy standard glass panels and then cut,edging works,tempering,laminating,insulating process etc.

How to decrease glass purchasing costs through controlling glass size

If your projects require 10mm 1500*1500mm tempered glass,there’ll be no suitable standard float glass sheets that can achieve high cutting ratio,you may have to cut from 2140*3050mm,in this case ,glass waste reach 30%,the costs can be USD2.5/SQM higher than 2100*1500mm.

So glass waste ratio is a very important costs of the glass total costs.

How to decrease glass purchasing costs through controlling glass size

Then how to confirm the best glass sizes during your design to Maximum decrease the waste ratio and get better price?

1.Standard float glass sizes available in China:


So,glass panels shall be near to above sizes of slightly less than 1/2 ,1/4 of the glass length or width.

Recommended glass sizes are:

For 2140*3300mm: 2100*1600/3250mm,1050*1600/3250mm.

For 2440*3300mm: 2400*1600/3250mm,1150*1600/3250mm.

For 2140*3660mm: 1050*1800/3600mm,2100*1800/3600mm.

For 2440*3660mm: 1200*1800/3600mm,2400*1800/2600mm.

2.Glass Area

How to decrease glass purchasing costs through controlling glass size

If finished glass sizes or area is very small,such as 400mm*600mm,compared with 2400*3600mm,the former glass size is only 1/36 of the later one,but have exactly same process,the process costs are the same,so the production efficiency of smaller glass is much lower than big size one.Please avoid designing smaller ones as the price can be higher.

3.For Laminated glass:

As PVB and SGP interlayer are packed in rolls or similar as glass panels,so we shall also pay attention to the size during design.

PVB laminated glass:PVB interlayer width is 2140/2440mm,no length limits,so this won’t affect much.

SGP laminated glass:There’s limited width options and don’t support bespoke,so we need to design the glass the Maximum close to the standard SGP width.

Click here to check the SGP interlayer specification.

4.For insulated glass:

The sealants and aluminium spacer consumption of each piece glass is based on its perimeter.

So 2 pieces glass with same area price can be also different:

1000*1000mm, glass area 1sqm,perimeter: 4000mm.

2500*400mm,glass area 1sqm,perimeter :5800mm.

In this case,the 2500*400mm glass use almost 30% more sealants and aluminium spacer,this is also a huge cost difference.

5.For special glass:

Some projects require over sized glass over 4000mm length,in this case,processors will bespoke glass panels from manufacturers,but the quantity shall be at least 50-60MT,or the order can be refused.

Morn is your turnkey glass supplier from China,we offer all kinds of consultancy works during your design and installation.

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