How to calculate the glass STC?

How to calculate the glass STC?

One of the features of glass is sound proof,whether it’s single glazing, laminated glass,insulated glass or even laminated insulated,the glass can reduce the sounds transferrd from outdoor to indoor.
The order of sound insulation performance from poor to excellent is: monolithic glass < laminated glass <double insulated glass < triple insulating glass< laminated insulated glass.

How to calculate the glass STC?
Here we introduce a simple formula to calculate the glass STC-sound transmission class.
1.Monolithic glass
R:Monolithic glass STC
M:Glass density

Example:6mm clear tempered glass

2.Laminated glass
R:laminated glass STC
M1,M2:Glass panel density
R1:Additional STC caused by the glass configuration
For laminated glass,the R1 will be calculated as below:
0.38mm PVB-4dB
0.76mm PVB-5.5dB
1.14mm PVB-6dB
1.52mm PVB-7dB
Example: 21.52mm tempered laminated glass
Of course there’re many PVB manufacturers such as Kuarary,Decent has developed new PVB interlayer that can increase glass accoustic performance once again,even though it’s only 2-3dBs compared with normal PVB laminated glass,but people can feel the difference.

3.Insulated glass/double glazed units
R:Insulated glass STC
M1,M2:Glass panel density
R1:Addition STC caused by the glass configuration
For insulated glass,the R1 will be 0.1* air thickness
Example: 6+12A+6 insulated glass

4.Laminated insulated glass
R1 is addition STC calculated based on PVB and R2 is addition STC caused by the air.
Example: 6+1.14PVB+16A+6

Based on above formula,we can easily find the factors that affect glass accoustic performance:glass thickness,PVB thickness and glass types.
Here we attach a list showing the basic STC performance of normal glass:
Hope our article can help you learn more about glass and apply to your projects.

How to calculate the glass STC?
Morn is your turnkey architectural glass and facade materials supplier,we’re pleased to offer more knowledge to glass friends.

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