how much glass a container can load

how much glass a container can load

Many customers are confused how much glass a container can load ,as the forwarder fees,including the trailer fees is about USD750,The more glass are loaded,the less unit price.Shipping fees varies from USD150-USD4000 depending on different destinations.Even for same destination port,shipping fees for 20’GP,20’OT,40’GP,40HQ,40’OT price are totally different,some times it’s 2-3 times difference.So Maximize the glass quantity to be loaded into one container and decrease the unit logistic fees is really important.

Note:Here we only discuss the loaded quantity for sea shipping,LCL(less than container load) and air delivery is excluded.

  1. The packing method:

    The spacer between glass.Generally there’re 3 materials between glass panels when packaging:

a.1 :Glass powder:This is generally used for float glass,low-E glass standard panels.As glass is produced with float process,the glass surface is quite smooth and flat.The powder between glass will ensure the glass safety and avoid scratches,meanwhile,it brings convenience to clients when cutting the glass.

a.2: Paper: Anti mildew paper is used ,for thin tempered glass,such as 3mm,4mm tempered glass,or other tempered glass,laminated glass which has same size.As glass size are same,there won’t be scratches or contact ,the uniform bending directions also enable us to use papers between glass.

a.3:Cord pad:It’s widely used in engineering glass,such as tempered laminated glass,insulated glass.Different size and thickness glass also require different cord pad,for extremely large glass panels,4mm and even 5mm cord pad are used,while other standard size glass panels ,2.5mm is enough.

  1. Select the right container:

There’re generally 5 different container types:20’GP, 20’OT,40’GP,40’OT.40’HQ.But whatever any container,the Max load is about 27.5-28.5MT, clients shall also consider the weight limit for the ports and following inland trailer weight limit,Port weight limit is usually 18MT, 20MT,22MT,and inland trailer weight limit are usually 20MT.

For float glass and low-E glass standard panels, 20’GP and 20’OT is enough,as glass density is very high.For standard 2140*3300/3660,1830*2140/2440mm, 20’gp is used,below pics shows typical standard size glass panel loading.

how much glass a container can load

When glass height over 2140mm, such as 2440*3300/3660MM,20’OT is required.In this case,the glass height will be 2550mm and is about 30mm higher than container height,customer should balance the costs for 20’OT as open top container shipping fees is around 1.5-2 times that of normal container.Is it really necessary to load with open top container shall be considered carefully.

For processed glass,normal tempered glass,laminated safety glass, 20’GP and 40’GP is used.For most project glass,the glass sizes are not uniform,so how to maximum using the limited container space is really important.Some customers may have difficulty unload the glass,glass cannot be stacked to take most advantage of container space,then 40’GP is used.

For insulated glass,as insulated glass dimension is bigger for the air spacer reason between insulated glass,the 20’GP cannot load much insulated glass,so 40’GP and 40’HQ container are used specially for insulated glass.

how much glass a container can load

  1. Confirm the best glass width.

Firstly the inner size of containers:

20’GP container: 5850 length*2300width*2250 height

20’OT container: 5850 length*2300width*2350 height

40’GP container: 11900 length*2300width*2250 height

20’OT container: 11900 length*2300width*2350 height

Whether it’s 20 or 40 foot container,the container width are fixed,2300mm,to facilitate the loading and unloading process,loaded glass total width shall be around 2000-2250mm.

To take the most advantage of the container space,the most important is to calculate the glass crate width.Here we list the crate size confirmation:

Standard glass panels:

Crate length =glass length +100mm

Crate width= glass thickness+inter-mediate thickness)* panel qty +100mm

Crate height=glass height +100mm


Cut to size glass panels:

Crate length =glass length +200mm

Crate width= glass thickness+inter-mediate thickness)* panel qty +100mm

Crate height=glass height +200mm

The most standard crate width used for cut to size glass are 700-750mm,if we confirm the best glass panels for each crate,such as 21.52mm tempered laminated glass,the panel qty for each crate is 750mm-100mm /(21.52+2.5mm)=27 pieces.

If crate size was made as 750mm,the 3 crates can be loaded in the width direction.Of course the crate weight shall be limited within 2000MT,the best crate weight is 1200-1800kgs.For large glass panels,the glass panel quantity for each crate shall be  decided by the crate weight,not glass width.

Here is a list the most standard glass quantity that can be loaded into one container,as glass order varies,please contact your glass supplier to check how many glass can be loaded and container type.

how much glass a container can load

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