How glass size affect the glass price?

How glass size affect the glass price?

Many clients have a concept of general price of normal glass,such as 6-12-6 insulated glass,13.52 laminated glass,while in many cases,same glass combination has quite different price,there’re many reasons causing this situation,such as order quantity,glass size,glass shape,holes&notches on glass,processing difficulty,let’s analysis how glass size affect the glass price.
1.Glass size too big.
Glass factories quotation is usually based on sizes below 2440*3660mm,if glass size too big,especially for some over sized glass,point supported glass is usually over 4000mm,in that case,processors has to bespoke raw materials from float glass manufacturers.
The longer the glass,the higher price it is.

How glass size affect the glass price?
2.Glass size too small.
If glass panels size below 0.5sqm,factories will charge it as 0.5sqm.Why?
Let’s take insulated glass as example,the silicon sealant consumption is calculated by the glass perimeter,not the glass size.
If glass size is 1000*1000mm,and another piece 330*3000mm,the later one silicon consumtion is 60% higher than former one,which will cause price higher.

How glass size affect the glass price?
And tempered glass,5 pcs 500*500mm glass has same area as 1 pcs 1250*1000mm,while the labor costs is almost 3 times that of later one.
3.Glass size irregular:
Every facade project has it unique shape and design,which will cause many different glass size.while standard glass panel size is 2140/2400*3300/3660mm.Cutting ratio is over 85%,while for some special glass panels,such as 1400*1400, if using normal standard glass panels,the cutting ratio is only 55%,it’s 30% price difference.

4.Glass size types. If one project contain 100 glass sizes ,this will bring much extra labors during processing,including handling,cutting,etc.if only 10 sizes ,this will save much costs and decrease price also.
In this case processors has to bespoke special size float glass to increase the glass cutting ratio and avoid wastage.While if quantity is very small,there’s no method but to accept the high price.
Many factors affect glass price,so please consider standard sizes such as 1200*1200/2400/3600 etc to decrease the glass processing difficulty and guarantee the delivery time.
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