Architectural Heat Strengthened Glass

Architectural Heat strengthened glass:

Processed by tempering oven through 670-720 degree heating and cool down with wind, but different from toughened, the cooling process is much slower.

Before process, monolithic glass can be enhanced:

♦ Appearance enhancement: Enhancement- Appearance

♦ Color Enhancement: Enhancement- Color

♦ Performance Enhancement: Enhancement-coating


♦ 2 times strength high than float glass.

♦ Radial shards after breaking,but can keep glass integrity

♦ No spontaneous breakage.

morn heat strengthened glass


As architectural heat strengthened glass has higher strength and no spontaneous breakage possibility, usually used in high rise buildings.

Production capability:

GlassThicknessMin SizeMax Size
Flat Heat Strengthened2.5-12mm300*300mm10000*3300mm


Morn Heat Strengthened Glass Spandrel
Morn Heat treated safety GLASS
China Glass-Digitally printed Glass
Morn Glass Curtain Wall HS Glass
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