Architectural Heat Soaked Glass

Architectural Heat Soaked Glass

Introduction of Morn heat soaked glass.

Architectural Toughened glass spontaneous breakage (about 3‰) without warning due to the expansion of nickel sulfide inclusions(NiS) present within float glass, it is inherent potential risks of toughened glass.

Learn more about tempered glass self explosion:Tempered glass and Nis

Heat soaking test is good solution to test the toughened glass and reduce the probability of self-exploded and ensure quality,the shattering proof process is used for high requirement projects.

Glass self explosion

Production capability:

GlassThicknessMin SizeMax Size
Heat Soaked Glass2.5-19mm300*300mm10000*3300mm


MORN Spider Glazing Glass-Point supported facade
Morn-Shattering proofing Glass

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