Hard Coated Low-E options in China

Hard coated low-E coating,also named as online low-E,or pyrolytic coated low-E.Different from soft coated low-E coatings,hard coated low-E is produced when manufacturing the float glass.

The biggest advantage of hard coated low-E, is it’s hard and no chemical reaction when exposed in the air.So ,soft coated low-E coatings must be made into insulated glass,while hard coated low-E coatings can be used in single glazing, for example,tempered,heat strengthened, and laminated glass.

The emissivity is about 0.15,which is much higher than soft coated low-E coatings,so glass made with hard coated low-E has higher U value,but this has been the best solution to increase the single glazed units thermal insulation performance.

Hard Coated Low-E options in China

The main manufacturers of hard coated low-E in China are AGC, SYP, Jinjing.Here we introduce the main hard coated low-E coating options in China:

  1. High light transmittance low-E coating.

The low-E coating has light transmittance over 80%,when placing a hard coated coating and clear float glass together,it’s hard to identify them.The typical coatings are AGC-Planibel G, SYP -Energy advantage, Jinjing.

Below is the typical performance data for three different coatings,the only difference, Planibel G from AGC is slightly yellow color,it’s not related to the coating,but the float glass color is yellow color.

No.Glass optionThickVisible LightSolar EnergyU value(W/M2.K)SCSHGC
(mm)LT %Ref %In %Tsol %Rsol %SummerWinter
1Jinjing Hard Coated low-E682101170102.93.70.820.71
2SYP -Energy Advantage683101167112.743.610.810.71
3AGC -Planibel G68291071102.833.690.860.75


  1. Solar shading hard coated low-E coating.

Generally there’re 2 kinds of solar shading hard coated low-E coatings, the first type is coating on clear glass but have lower light transmittance and solar coefficient ,the typical glass are AGC-Sunergy Glass, AGC- Sunergy 48, SYP -SC60.

Another type is coating directly on tinted glass,for example SYP-SFC -coating on French green glass,SYP- SGC -Coating on Eyro grey glass, SGE -Coating on crystal grey glass.Jinjing bronze low-E.

Below is a chart showing the performance difference:

No.Glass optionThickVisible LightSolar EnergyU value(W/M2.K)SCSHGC
(mm)LT %Ref %In %Tsol %Rsol %SummerWinter
1AGC- Sunergy Clear6699105193.424.170.690.6
2AGC- Sunergy 48651783883.724.390.560.49
3SYP- SC606618135493.113.890.710.61
4SYP-SGC-Euro grey642682.873.720.550.48
5SYP-SGE-Crystal grey656892.863.710.610.53
6SYP- SFC-French green6689113672.873.720.540.47

The tinted hard coated low-E Offers more colorful options to facade designers and also decrease the costs of customer.Combining with colorful PVB,all kinds of tinted glass,the energy saving single gazed units can have many colors and excellent performance.

Hard coated low-E can be widely used in facade,spandrel, canopy,glass skylight etc.Morn is your turnkey hard coated low-E manufacturer and supplier,welcome contact us for more info.

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