Greenhouse glass:Glass options,thickness and largest sizes

Greenhouse glass:Glass options,thickness and largest sizes
1.Tempered glass types for glass greenhouse:
a.Clear tempered glass,3mm ,or 4mm,some are even thicker,but the SC value will decrease.
b.Low iron glass:Compared with clear one,the it has higher light transmittance and higher SC which allow more solar energy pass through the glass.
c.Diffused glass:it’s usually low iron diffused glass,it can transfer the direct light to shattered lights.
d.AR(anti-reflective) glass:The glass can decrease the reflective ratio and increase the light transmittance.
Most tempered glass are 3mm,3.2mm, or 4mm glass.
Factors affect tempered glass:
a.As thinner glass require much larger wind pressure to help forming the compress and strength of tempered glass,so thinner glass processing is more difficult than thick one.
b.Larger glass processing is difficult than small glass,large piece glass overall will easily occurs.
To guarantee the best quality glass, recommended largest size are:
4mm glass: 2000mm *1800mm.
3.2mm glass: 1800*1200mm.
3mm glass:1800*1200mm.
Below is our 4mm clear tempered glass delivered last week,size 1803*1650mm,the flatness is perfect.
Packing:Thick kraft paper to avoid scratches.
Crate: All closed crates,with pads inside to facilitate handling.
Greenhouse glass:Glass options,thickness and largest sizes
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