Greenhouse Glass types

Greenhouse Glass types

Greenhouse ,or conservatory create an important role in daily life.It brings green in the cold winter ,,and some big greenhouse ensure that we can have higher output.

The greenhouse thermal insulation is an very important factor  that affect the interior temperature.while glass is the deciding thermal conductive.Greenhouse glass types are below:

Traditional Greenhouse glass are  3mm or 4mm tempered glass ,the advantage is cheap and higher light transmittance,high strength to offer impact resistance.But the shortage is high glass U value,which means the solar energy that pass through the glass.Usually 3mm or 4mm tempered glass U value is 5.8W/M2.In summer ,the greenhouse temperature will increase very high if there’s insufficient ventilate facility or measure,while in the winter,the inside temperature will be very low,owners have to use air conditioner to keep the indoor warm.

Greenhouse Glass types

New insulated glass are used in more and more greenhouse projects.Compared with traditional single glazing glass,it’s price maybe 3-4 times higher,but it has low U value and the indoor temperature can be controlled very well.

Greenhouse Glass types

double glazed units is widely used in buildings,especially in high rise buildings to increase he building energy efficient,clear double glazed units U value is only half of single piece glass,about 2.8W/M2.When high performance low e coated is applied,the U value can decrease again to 1.6 or even 1.1W/m2.In Summer,it reflect most solar energy and keep indoor cool and in winter,it prevent the heat going outside.

Greenhouse Glass types

Despite above 2 mentioned glass,there’s also hard coated low e glass.It’s low e coating on single piece glass,it’s energy efficient is between single piece tempered glass and double glazed units,U value 3.8w/M2 but can have 80% high light transmittance.It’s will a perfect option for most greenhouse owners.

Morn has huge glass manufacturer database,can be your best greenhouse glass supplier, EN/CSI/USA certified glass products for greenhouse.

3MM/4MM tempered glass:Kitemark ,EN12150 ,SGCC,CSI

double glazed units-Insulated glass:EN1279,IGCC,CSI certificates.

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