Glass unloading tools supply-Forklift skewer

Glass unloading tools supply-Forklift skewer

Many glass importers found it difficult to unload the glass.
Whether clear float glass,laminated glass sheets,or mirrors,standard size are 2140*3300mm,weight around 2600kgs,really heavy and bis size,which make glass unloading a quite headache problem for importers.
2140*3660mm,height is only 100mm lower than container height,while glass crate width is only 200-300mm,Glass crate is easy to fall and cause injury,so suitable glass unloading tools is quite necessary to keep safety.

Glass unloading tools supply-Forklift skewer
Glass unloading method is same as glass loading,in China,every glass factories are equipped with glass long arms to load the glass into container.
The glass loading tools is customed with the forklift,the tools fit forklift and keep stable,the steel arm is used to clamp on the crates,there’re direction adjustable clamps to the crates double side while the long arm is able to keep crate balance and ensure that crates not falling down.
Beside the steel arms,additional slings to prop the crates bottom to enhance safety during glass unloading process.
The tools is not only suitable for standard sized glass unloading,but also suitable for processed cut to size glass,such as tempered,laminated glass and insulated glass.
See attached videos how our loading tools (Forklift skewer) works.

Morn is your turnkey architectural glass supplier,we also supply glass unloading tools to help glass importers unload the glass crates smoothly.
Welcome contact us for more info.

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