Glass staircase -glass types and configuration

Glass staircase -glass types and configuration

Traditional staircase are usually cements,ceramic one,but if your design a staircase that is made of glass,the whole visual effect and elegant appearance will be much brilliant.

Glass staircase -glass types and configuration

Here we introduce the glass configurations of staircase glass and some special treatment to the staircase.

1.Glass configuration.

Safety is the most important consideration when you design a glass staircase,but because tempered glass will be numerous fragments after breaking,so laminated glass is priority.

Typical staircase configuration is:

10+1.52PVB+10 tempered laminated glass

12+1.52PVB/2.28PVB+12 tempered laminated glass

sometimes,three layer glass will be used to increase the glass strengthen.

Glass staircase -glass types and configuration

The glass can be clear one,or low iron glass.If you want more safety,then SGP laminated glass shall be considered.

2.Edge:Must be flat polished to achieve better visual effect.

3.Glass surface:Most glass is natural surface,but in case of falling down or possible injury,anti slip glass(a kinds of acid etched glass)that have some dots or cross on glass surface ito increase the friction.

Or,special anti slip silk screen glass which is processed with anti slip inks can be used.

4.Color:The PVB or SGP can be clear one,or frosted one.

Glass staircase -glass types and configuration

5.Shape:Most glass are rectangle,but some special design can make it special shape to fit the design requirement.

Morn is your turnkey China staircase glass supplier,we offer all kinds anti slip glass,laminated safety glass for your glass staircase projects.

Glass staircase -glass types and configurationGlass staircase -glass types and configuration

Glass staircase -glass types and configuration

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