• Some knowledge about ultra clear glass&heat soaked glass

    Some knowledge about ultra clear glass&heat soaked glass 1. Why is the self-explosion rate of ultra clear tempered glass low? Low iron glass, because it contains much less iron elements than normal glass, it looks crystal clear, so it is also called ultra-white glass. Compared with float glass, in order to remove iron from the ultra-white glass in the production process, a magnetic selection process is added, and nickel is also removed during the process of removing iron, so that…

  • The advantages of insulated glass in curtain wall

    The advantages of insulated glass in curtain wall Superior energy-saving effect: Modern building energy consumption is mainly air conditioning and lighting. The former accounts for 55% of energy consumption, the latter accounts for 23% of energy consumption, and glass is the thinnest and most heat-transferable material in the exterior wall of buildings. Insulated glass creates a air barrier between the extrior and indoor and the temperature insulation performance is excellent. High soundproof performance: Insulated glass can reduce noise by 27-40…

  • Shower door glass types

    Shower door glass types More and more people and hotels use frameless shower rooms,it create a clean and bright environment for your shower space,here is a summary of glass types for your shower rooms: 1.Clear tempered glass. Clear Tempered glass is the most widely used glass in shower room. The advantage is high strength,the strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of clear float glass,the glass will become small fragments that don’t cause injury,relative low price and easy production….

  • Safety potential of glass curtain wall

    Safety potential of glass curtain wall Glass curtain wall is a unique design in modern architecture. One of the biggest advantage of the  glass curtain walls is that the use of various energy-efficient curtain wall glass greatly reduces the energy consumption of buildings.Many projects have been plagued by glass curtain walls. Some glass curtain walls with unreasonable design, material selection and construction have received wide attention from all walks of life due to problems such as glass breakage, glass fall, and water…

  • Architectural Heat Soaked Glass

    Architectural Heat Soaked Glass Introduction of Morn heat soaked glass. Architectural Toughened glass spontaneous breakage (about 3‰) without warning due to the expansion of nickel sulfide inclusions(NiS) present within float glass, it is inherent potential risks of toughened glass. Learn more about tempered glass self explosion:Tempered glass and Nis Heat soaking test is good solution to test the toughened glass and reduce the probability of self-exploded and ensure quality,the shattering proof process is used for high requirement projects. Production capability:…

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