• How to prevent glass mildew and mold?

    Recently many of my friends said that the glass imported to Malaysia was mildewed after installation. There’re many reasons that cause the glass mildew: 1.Non-fresh float glass used. 2.Incorrect stock environment for finished glass-Both in the factory and site. 3.Insufficient desiccant used both in wooden crates and in container. To better prevent the glass mildew,below are some suggestions: 1.Using fresh float glass that are produced within 3 months. If the float glass are long time stocks,use anti-mildew remover to wash…

  • Glass mildew:reasons,appearance and identification

    Glass mildew is an industrial problem in the glass industry. Every spring and summer, due to the high temperature and high humidity,glass mildew is easy happen. Therefore, how to prevent glass mildew has become the top priority of many glass processors.         Reasons for glass mold: Glass is mostly made of quartz sand (SiO2), soda ash (Na2CO3), limestone (CaCO3) and feldspar, in which SiO2 (about 72%), Na2O (about 15%) and CaO (about 9%), so called soda-lime glass, is widely used because of its low cost. According…

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