• Glass Rack Supply/Facade Module Dry Rack

    Glass Rack Supply/Facade Module Dry Rack Glass racks is widely used in glass and windows industry. The racks allow clients to place semi-finished glass products,finished glass products and transport in workshop,it can also been delivered to any site easily. Features: 1.Steel structure, solid and strong ,long lifetime. 2.Elegant design,perfect weight balance. 3.Bespoke size to fit different requirement. 4.Different shape options: A shape,L shape,and low costs disposable series fit developed countries clients. 5.Optional wheels:Fixed direction wheels&rotary wheels that allow clients to…

  • Facade&glass industry related Machines&Tools Supply

    Facade&glass industry related Machines&Tools Supply With superior experience in glass and facade materials industry,Morn is able to build good relationship with all kinds of machine and tools factories,we’re pleased to offer below products for clients all over the world. Glass loading and unloading tools: The tools helps clients to load and unload containers of glass within 30 Mins. TOYOTA-Tailift forklift Tailift forklift helps clients to unload and handle heavy crate packed glass and cut to size glass products. Laminated Glass…

  • New glass racks to prevent IGU Overlap

    New glass racks to prevent IGU Overlap DGU(double insulated glass) shall be placed in glass racks after sealing with secondary sealant for solidifying (2-4 hours). But the racks has about 6°- 7°inclination angles to make sure that glass don’t fall down,but if glass panels are big and heavy? For the inclination angle reason, the out piece of DGU will fall because of gravity,thus will cause 1-2mm overlap between DGU outer and inner piece.   To ensure the same horizontal flatness…

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