Glass production bases in China

Main glass production basis in China,help clients easier to find your suppliers

China glass brands
China glass brands


Despite famous brands in China,XYG,TG,CSG,XYG,Kibing,Jinjing,80% of trading companies glass source is:

Clear glass:

  1. Benxi Yujing Glass -Dalian port
  2. Hebei Run’an Glass -Tianjin Port
  3. Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass -Tianjin port

Tinted glass/tinted hard reflective glass:

  1. Weihai Lanxing glass-Qingdao port
  2. Tangshan Lanxin glass-Tianjin port

Low iron float glass:

  1. Shandong Jinjing glass- Qingdao port.
  2. Hebei CSG -Tianjin port

Acid etched glass:Tengzhou -Qingdao port

Hard coated low-E:

  1. Shandong Jinjing Glass -Qingdao port
  2. Dalian AGC -Dalian port
  3. Shanghai Yaohua Plkington glass -Shanghai port

Picture frame glass/Mirror: Qinhuangdao -Tianjin port

Alu/Silver mirror: Tengzhou, Qingdao -Qingdao port

Laminated sheets: Shandong -Qingdao port

Home appliance glass: Guangdong -Shenzhen port

Glass processing machines: Foshan, Jinan,Beijing

Glass shower room hardware: Gaoyao,Foshan,Zhongshan -Shenzhen port.

Morn will help recommending the best suitable glass factories you want if you require.

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