Glass Processing technology -Glass Cutting

Glass cutting is the process of cutting the standard glass panel purchased from the float glass factory according to the order size provided by the clients.
Our current machines cutting capability can reach 25mm, the maximum size of is 3300*6000.
For 15mm, 19mm thick glass, the extra remained margin is required to be larger, and the chipping may occur during spliting the glass, resulting in uneven glass edge.
When cutting the shaped glass, the arc edge is generally hand-polished. When cutting the triangular glass, the corner is too sharp (usually less than 30 degrees) When
the cymbal is broken, there will be a broken angle.
When cutting glass, always clean the glass chips on the cutting table to avoid scratching the glass. When the glass is placed on iron frame, slowly move it to the
shelf to prevent the edge of the glass from being scratched.

Glass Processing technology -Glass Cutting
The following precautions should be taken when cutting glass:
1) Cutting rate:
The glass cutting rate refers to the percentage of the area of ​​a single piece of glass and the actual area of ​​the standard glass panel area.
The cutting ratio varies much depending on the order structure and the size of the glass sheet. The minimum is less than 50%, the highest is 100% (using the standard
glass sheet directly);the average cutting rate is about 85%.
If the delivery time is OK, WE can purchase the appropriate glass sheets to improve the cutting rate. When the delivery time is particularly tight, we will have to
sacrifice the cutting rate to save time,the costs is relatively higher.
2) Extra remained cutting margin:
When cutting the glass, the distance between the cutting line from the edge kshould not be too small, and it is related to the thickness of the glass. The thicker the
glass, the larger the spacing required; generally not less than twice the thickness of the glass. Otherwise, it is impossible to separate the glass; when using a
machine to cut glass with a thickness of 10mm or less, the size of the cutting line from the edge of the glass should not be less than 20mm
3) Extra Grinding margin:
In order to ensure that the edging does not appear uneven, it is necessary to leave a certain cutting allowance when cutting. The polished edge requires more than that
of machine grinding.
Table 1 Grinding allowance size table

Glass thicknessMachine grinded edgePolished edge

4) Pay attention to the daily maintenance work of the cutting machine. Stop the machine for 15 minutes before off work every day. Carry out daily maintenance of the
5) Cutting operator pay attention to the safety condition during work;
a) whether the glass exceeds the processing capability;
b) Whether the glass crate stable or not when placed on the A-frame;

Glass Processing technology -Glass Cutting

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