Glass processing-Special glass tempering

Glass factories will encounter many irregular tempered glass orders,for these special orders,tempering operator should pay attention to below points and ensure good tempering quality.

Glass processing-Special glass tempering
1.Glass with holes and notches
The holes position,diameter and notches should follow below requirement,or the glass will be easy to break during tempering process.
a.Distance between hole edge to glass edge should be at least 1.5 times that of glass thickness_3-6mm.

Glass processing-Special glass tempering
Distance between hole edge to glass edge should be at least 2 times that of glass thickness_8-19mm.

b.Glass Min width is 8 times that of glass thickness.
Min hole diameter is 5mm or glass thickness,Max holes diameter shouldn’t be bigger than 1/3 that of glass width.

Glass processing-Special glass tempering
c.Min distance between glass corner and holes corner is 4 times that of glass thickness.

Glass processing-Special glass tempering
d.There should be round arc in Glass notches or sharp corners,and Min radius is glass thickness.

Glass processing-Special glass tempering
e.Heat times for Glass with notches or holes should be 2.5% longer than normal glass panels,if both holes or notches exists,heating time is 5% longer than normal
2.Glass with sharp corners(<30′),heating time is 2.5% longer than normal glass and radius corners is required at glass corners.
3.Pattern glass.The pattern side position is at top and glass surface at bottom,and heating time is decided by the Max glass thickness.
4.Tinted glass:Heating time is 5% shorter than normal clear glass.
5.Coated glass-reflective glass or low e glass:The coating is at glass top and glass side at bottom during tempering process.No waters or fingerprint is allowed at
glass coating.The top heating temperature is 5-10 degrees than bottom and heating time is 2.5%-10% longer.
6.Thick glass-15,19mm glass.
The breakage possibility for thick glass tempering is much higher than normal glass.
a.Select good glass sheets,avoid bubbles,stones inside glass.
b.It’s recommended to polish the thick glass before tempering to eliminate the tiny giriff.
c.Tempering temperature should be 670-675 degrees and bottom temperature is 690-700 degrees.

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